Review: Shatner’s World at Jones Hall

Robert March 25, 2012 1
Review: Shatner’s World at Jones Hall

Friday night (March 23), William Shatner brought his one man show Shatner’s World we just live in it to Jones Hall, in Houston, for a one night appearance.  The show is currently traveling around the US, after a few weeks on Broadway.

The show aligns with a book Shatner wrote, last year, called Shatner Rules.  Over a two hour period, Shatner tells stories from his life, all tied together with a common theme of the joys of saying yes.  Shatner’s point is that many great and exciting things have happened to him because he said yes to something – whether it be accepting the role of James T. Kirk, or meeting Koko the gorilla.  The stories are interspersed with brief video clips, projected on a large screen behind him.

I am a huge Shatner fan.  Star Trek inspired me to study engineering.  I also loved T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal.  I knew I would be thrilled just to see the man in person.  But I think even non-fans would have to be impressed at the energy of the man.  He’s 81 years old and dominates the stage for two solid hours – moving back and forth, dancing, yelling.  There’s a chair, but he only say in it for very brief periods and usually just for effect.  He started his career on the stage and its obvious he still loves it.

Those who only know him from Star Trek might be a little disappointed how little time is spent talking about Star Trek.  But those that haven’t read his autobiographies will learn a lot about his life and family and the other loves of his life, his horses, amidst stories like how his kidney stone bought a house.

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  1. Heidi Oller April 3, 2012 at 4:37 am - Reply

    I am going to see the show in Cleveland on April 14. It will be a suprise for my son. He has Autistic tendencies but he is a HUGE Star Trek fan and has read at least one book about Shatner, the one written by his daughter. So, he will enjoy hearing about all other aspects of his life & career. I just wish I could hae afforded the VIP tix so he could meet him & get a pic with him. Thank you for the review. Can’t wait for April 14!

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