Review: Green Lantern #1

Robert September 14, 2011 0
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A Green Lantern comic written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Doug Mahnke – did the reboot happen?  One wouldn’t know from reading this first issue of Green Lantern, it begins exactly where the last, pre-reboot issue ended.  Hal Jordan has been stripped of his ring by the Guardians, and Sinestro has been given a green ring.  This issue doesn’t really introduce a new story so much as just show us how Hal and Sinestro are both reacting to their change in status.

Doug Mahnke is a fan favorite, at DC, but he just isn’t one of my favorites.  I find his line work too strong, rendering everyone grotesque with over pronounced teeth, pulsating neck veins, and bulging eyes.  Paired with some of the weakest colors I’ve seen in awhile makes this an unattractive book.

The thing about Geoff Johns, however, is that he writes for the trade.  Put six issues of his work together and you have a big exciting story.  Read the first issue by itself and you feel like nothing happened.  It’s a pattern, and one that readers have grown accustomed to.  Readers will give Johns another few issues before they decide whether they really like this book or not.  Me?  I don’t like it, but I’ll probably be a sheep and get the next one.  The big question, though, is whether brand new readers will give Johns that same chance?

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